Citizens Caught Over Billing

If you recently had a claim in litigation with Citizens and wondered why it took so long to reach a settlement here is a report that will shed some light. There own defense teams have been caught over billing. \”Citizens failed to effectively manage and monitor litigator’s spend which led to certain unethical and egregious litigator behaviors. Our results noted the following potentially unethical or improper billing practices that drove excessive billings:

• Value billing
• Double billing
• Billing for duplicating work
• Billing for unnecessary or unneeded work or work never performed
• Inflating time per task
• Associates billing their time utilizing more expensive senior Attorney’s higher billing rate
• Billing on cases that were already closed and/or settled

This begs the question how can a state-run entity (Citizens) overpay that much money to attorneys and underpay so many claims?

Read the Citizens audit report