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Are you a homeowner in Florida who may have had recent property damage? Have you suffered from a recent theft, fire, or possibly a storm and wind casualty like last year’s Hurricane Michael? Have you filed a claim with your homeowners insurance company, and are dissatisfied with the results of that claim? These are the reasons why your claim may have ended unfavorably for you. But don’t give up, we will help you turn your underpaid or denied

claims situation around.

Denied Claims in Florida A denied claim can leave many complications for you. There could be a reasonable explanation as to why your homeowner’s insurance company denied the claim, and why your property damage claim was denied. Whether a business, or home owner, some of those causes could include:

● The insurance company adjuster could have used the wrong information.
● They may have incomplete information about your property damage claim
● There may be a misunderstanding between you, and the insurance company.
● The evidence for the claim was cast-off in some way, unintentionally.
● The wrong information may have been written down by the insurance company adjuster.

Underpaid Claims

An insurance adjuster comes to visit and assess your Florida home’s property damage. The insurance adjuster works for the company you are insured with. He is on their side, not yours. This is the way a lot of homeowners insurance companies will do their business. Many times, these insurances companies will try to pay you, the policy holder, the smallest amount possible for the type coverage you paid for.

Hire a Public Adjuster

Have you studied your policy, and do you know your rights, in the policy? You may be able to appeal the denied coverage decision. You could also ask for a second inspection. Look back at all of the item’s documentation. Make sure that you have taken all the steps necessary to protect your home or business. A public adjuster ( like those of us here at Southeast Public Adjusters ) who is hired early enough during the claims process may have the opportunity to help you to receive a fair settlement for your losses that are covered under the policy. Even after you receive a settlement, a public adjuster could work for your benefit to get a higher amount for your losses.

Southeast Public Adjusters: Florida’s Underpaid and Denied Claims Leader

Southeast Public Adjusters are a leading source on Florida insurance claim reviews. Southeast Public Adjusters has been helping both homeowners and business owners throughout Florida review their underpaid claims and denied claims for years. If you have suffered recent losses, and experiencing trouble collecting on you insurance, we are here to help. That’s all we do. Southeast Public Adjusters can answer your questions, and even offer a free property damage claim review. Give us call at (720) 626-2505 or click here to contact us.

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