Woman complaining out about Florida insurance claim problems

Finally…Someone is Listening to Us Policyholders!

Finally…Someone is Listening to Us Policyholders!

Have you had problems with your insurance coverage in Florida? Have you had claims denied? Have you had to wait forever for an insurance claim payout? Denied payment altogether?

Don’t you wish you had someone who would listen?  Someone who you can tell your problems to, with the power to help you and give you a voice?  No I am not talking about a psychiatrist…but a group of people who are uniquely in the position to hear and address your concerns, your issues, your complaints and provide you with a sounding board!

Use our new website, Voices of Policyholders  to speak your mind! Share your stories about insurance companies pushing you to use their contractors to repair your cars and who will do a less than acceptable job in the process.  Shout about your delays in payments, denials, underpayments and exorbitant deductibles.  Let us help you…share your thoughts today!

FAPIA (Florida Association of Public Adjuster’s) a group I belong to is looking for consumer’s input relating to the claims process and the issues people are having these days such as:

  • Delays in claim payments
  • Denials of coverage
  • Underpayments
  • Insurance companies wanting to complete repairs
  • Shoddy repairs
  • Insureds being forced to finance large deductibles in order to pay insurance company contractors to complete repairs

Voice your own experiences now by clicking the link below and let them hear the voice of you, the policy holder! The information is to be used in lobbying efforts to help support consumer legislation to protect the consumer from abuse by the carriers.