Florida Flood Insurance Damage Claim


The word Flood has several meanings in Insurance. A flood could be the result of a broken pipe within a home or it could be the result of rising water from Florida’s seasonal heavy rains. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on flood as a result of rising ground water and learn what you should know as a Florida policy owner, especially if you’ve recently suffered from damage.

Federal vs. Private Coverage

Most flood insurance policies are underwritten through NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). although there are some private insurance flood policies available. The NFIP is a Federal policy, and flood policies are governed by Federal Law. Florida state laws and regulations do not apply.

Not Sure What Coverage You Have?

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Regardless of who you obtained your flood insurance from, it is still the same policy. What this means is that even though you obtained your policy from Allstate, State farm or some other Insurance carrier you still are insured through NFIP for flood and are subject to the same policy language and federal laws that apply

The Challenges of Flood Damage Claims

Flood claims are difficult due to the federal regulations, and strict time lines must be met. Flood policies do not cover property like your homeowners policy does. A thorough knowledge and understanding of your particular coverage is required in order to understand what is covered and what is NOT covered. The documentation of your damages must be bullet proof because the burden of proof of damage falls to the insured.

Don’t Miss The Deadlines!

Missing a deadline could invalidate in your claim. You can never have too many pictures for a flood claim. The most common mistake made is when people start cleaning up, they don’t take enough photos and start throwing away damaged items. Later when they compile their list of damages they have no photos of the flood damaged items. It’s very important to photograph each and every item being removed showing the item and showing the damage to the item in reasonable detail.


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