Florida Theft Claim and Vandalism Public Adjuster

theft claim

Theft and vandalism account for billions of dollars in damages each year across the Florida and the Southeastern United States. While most property owners’ have homeowners or business insurance and are vigilant in their preparations to deter vandalism of their businesses and their homes or theft from their homes or businesses, unfortunately things are at times ‘beyond our control’ and storefronts are defaced and homes robbed.

  • According to the USBA, the average cost of a vandalism claim against a business in the US is $3,370.
  • Theft ranked 4th in overall homeowners losses ranked by claims frequency from 2010-2014, according to iii.org.

Besides the monetary damage, burglaries and other thefts result in that awful feeling of being taking advantage of and violated. Your first step of course should be calling the police, who will take fingerprints, document the violation, investigate and compile a police report listing all items damaged or stolen. Then it is your responsibility to help law enforcement in their work to ensure the report is accurate and that they have all they need to carry out the investigation.

Your next step should be reviewing your property insurance policy and issuing a claim. But prior to that, you may want the help of a public adjuster. Southeast Public Adjusters will assist you with your business or home theft or vandalism insurance claim from beginning to end. Our public adjusters now exactly what to look for in these situations, and will work with you to seek appropriate compensation for your direct costs as well as any related loss of business.

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