Hurricane Property Claims List

Here is a list of things you should do to begin your property damage insurance claim after property damage is done from a Florida hurricane.

1. When it is safe to do so, inspect your property and photograph any and all damages no matter how slight it may look. You will need these before and after photos of Irma Hurricane damage to help process your property damage insurance claims.

2. Take the necessary steps to protect your home and property from further damages. (make sure you save all receipts and document with photographs all damages and measures taken to protect property)

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3. If you have contents/personal items damaged, photograph and document all damaged items and specifically show the damages from the hurricane.

4. If you call your insurance company to report a claim:

a. Make note of the date / time you report your property damage claim
b. Note who you spoke with
c. Write down your claim number!

5. If at all possible do not remove / dispose of any property until the insurance company has inspected your property. Make sure all items are inspected and if possible agree upon weather its repairable or needs replacement.

If your not comfortable with having to present your own claim, call a licensed public adjuster like Ruben Garcia, a highly experienced, licensed public adjuster who knows how to best present your claim for the best possible claim settlement following hurricane or major storm.

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