Fire Damage: Answers to Your Questions…

What are the different types of fire damage that a Florida homeowner or business owner can suffer?

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Homeowners generally suffer fires from electrical issues, cooking issues ( grease fires, unattended pots or pans on stove etc.) cigarette smoking, lightning strikes, faulty appliances, and clothes dryers.


Businesses generally suffer fires from electrical issues and improperly stored items. Restaurants tend to have kitchen fires. Warehouses also have equipment failure, such as fork lift failures. Depending on what type of business it is, some businesses have more exposure to potential fire damage then others of course. Florida’s hot climate and weather also lends itself to fires caused by lightning, and electrical damage.

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Is fire damage always a total loss?

No, fire damage can be very minimal to total losses, a lot depends on what burns and how long.

What are some of the first things a homeowner or business owner should do when they have suffered damage from a fire?

Protect your property from further damage. You should contact a registered Florida public adjuster, (like the team here at Southeast Public Adjusters in Pembroke Pines), who will review your policy, or your existing insurance claim, notify your insurance carrier and begin to document your damages with estimates, photos, and other essential documentation. Also during this time you should evaluate items to determine if they are salvageable or repairable.

How can public adjusters like Southeast Public Adjusters help the homeowner or business owner after they have experienced loss from a fire?

By accurately documenting the damages and their cost and by evaluating your policy, helping you prepare your Florida fire damage claim and determining what you are entitled to.

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