Florida Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Most property insurance contracts cover the peril of windstorms and include tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, hail and even wind storm damage associated with thunderstorms. ( Speak to your insurance agent or claims adjuster about what your policy covers ).

But did you know….?

Damage caused by storms can manifest itself in many other forms such as:

  • Wild fires
  • Severe winter conditions (Collapsed buildings from snow & ice, Frozen Pipes, leakage from snow & ice dams)
  • Earthquakes
  • Flooding ( more common here in Florida )

What Is a Catastrophe Adjuster?

When disaster strikes, Insurance companies in the area where the damage has occurred are inundated with insurance claims. This flood of inquiries and claims quickly overwhelms their resources, causing them to hire Independent Catastrophe Adjusters to help with the work load. These catastrophe adjusters primary function is to process as many insurance claims as possible in the shortest amount of time. This leads to superficial adjustments which leads to claims being underpaid causing the claims process to drag on as you seek to correct the errors.

Why Hire a Veteran Public Adjuster?

At Southeast Public Adjusters, we are seasoned insurance claims adjusters who have worked on all types of storm related disasters throughout our nation. We are familiar with the uniqueness that each type of disaster brings with it and are familiar with the best techniques to prepare, document and present your claim.

By hiring Southeast Public Adjusters, you will assure that your storm damage insurance claim is being prepared and documented correctly which will shorten the process greatly and assure that you are being paid the correct amount to get your storm repairs completed.

At the Southeast Public Adjusters, we are always striving to better ourselves by education. We keep ourselves current with the latest trends in the industry by attending public adjuster conferences and seminars and by utilizing the latest software available in the public insurance claims adjuster industry. We are members of the following organizations, so you can be assured that the most professional adjuster is assisting you with your claim.


Contact Southeast Public Adjusters today at (888) 811-5439 for a complimentary consultation on your particular storm damage claim or situation. Offices in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We work throughout the state of Florida.