How Do You Handle Water Damage and Claims?

water damage

Water damage insurance claims have become become very complex in the State of Florida and in other areas recently. For those who have had no prior experience in handling an insurance claim, the policy language can be very confusing at best. To be fully compensated for a loss, experience is extremely important, as the method for adjusting such losses can be highly technical.

Not All Disasters Are Covered

A water disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. Generally the occurrences are sudden and unexpected and the water damages are often very difficult to detect depending on the specific nature of the loss. Events such as broken pipes, leaks from appliances, sewage backup, water entering from an opening in roofs and other elevations of a building due to heavy or driven rain are typical water losses that are covered under most risk property policies, so you may not be able to make an insurance claim. Call your public adjuster for help in understanding your rights.

Begin Emergency Mitigation Immediately

Once a water loss has occurred, the single most important thing you need to do is begin proper emergency mitigation. Removal of damaged items and the drying out of those items should begin immediately. It is important you use an experienced public adjuster to guide you through this process. How a water loss is handled in the first 24 hours can be critical in the outcome of your property damage claim.

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As an example, we often see insurance company adjusters interested in saving money for the carrier neglecting to remove baseboards and other finishes, thus preventing air to circulate throughout a building’s wall system. This can cause mold to form and worse. Wet carpet needs to be pulled in total or you may be harboring conditions which could lead to further damage or mold conditions. Sticking a blower in an up-lifted corner of carpet will not get the job done as often the padding is soaked and needs to be replaced.

Water Damage Loss May Take Time To Appear

Any type of water loss generally takes time for the effects of water damage to show up. Wood and other types of finishes and furnishings may take days to dry. Often separation and splitting will not start to show up until much later. It is important to have a professional pubic adjuster work with you, the restoration company and insurance co. to coordinate the very important issues water losses can present in order to protect your damage claim.

Because water losses are the most frequent type of insurance losses and thus cause the greatest expense to the insurance company, the insurance companies have been busy making changes to coverage by limiting or excluding coverage. Our continuing education and experience keep us up to date on the latest changes and how to best present your claim in order to maximize your benefits.

At Southeast Public Adjusters in Pembroke Pines, we are here to help you through the process. If you just experienced a flood anywhere in Florida or are not satisfied or in agreement with what the insurance is proposing or doing for repairs or have received a denial letter please call us. We are here to assist Floridians and those in other locations in getting the insurance company to pay what is owed you under the policy.

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