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Reasons Why an Insurance Company Might Reject Your Water Damage Claims

Why has your insurance adjuster rejected your water damage claim? As frustrating as it can be, there are specific criteria a public adjuster requires you to meet for them to approve the claim. Unfortunately, if any of these requirements aren’t satisfied, or conditions are not suitable when attempting to enact a policy concerning potential water damage, you may face some difficulties.

Age of Policy

The age of the policy is a significant factor in whether or not a water damage claim can be approved. Insurance companies will only provide coverage for damages that occur within the period after the policy was taken out and before it expires. If your claim is made too far outside this window, it may be rejected.

Type of Water Damage

Warranty agreements in the water damage insurance policy outline the situations or damages that may be covered. If the type of water damage you experience falls outside this agreement, your claim might be denied.

Cause of Water Damage

For a claim to be approved, a flood damage claims adjuster must agree that the policy covers the cause of water damage. If it can be determined that the damage resulted from negligence or lack of maintenance, you may not be awarded coverage.

Insufficient Documentation

When filing a water damage claim, you must provide all necessary documentation to the insurance adjuster for the claim to be approved. If you fail to provide enough information or documents, your public adjuster will likely reject the claim.

Delay in Reporting

Water damage can cause further destruction if it goes unnoticed for too long; this is why reporting water damage as soon as possible is essential. Your claim could be denied if you fail to report the damage promptly or are not reported in time before further destruction.

Inaccurate Recording of Damage

A flood damage claims adjuster must be able to determine the amount of damage to approve a claim accurately. If you make accurate recordings of the damage, like incorrect measurements or missing items, your claim can be allowed.

Insufficient Protection Against Water Damage

Some policies may require homeowners to protect their property from water damage, such as installing sump pumps or shutoff valves. If you fail to implement these measures, your claim could be rejected.

Damage Caused by Negligence

If the cause of water damage is due to negligence, such as leaving the windows or doors open, your claim may be denied.

Misdiagnosis of Damage

When an insurance adjuster examines the damage, they will carefully evaluate the extent and condition of the damages. If they find that you have misdiagnosed or exaggerated the extent of damages, your claim may be rejected.

Improper Installation of Equipment

Finally, claims may be rejected if the water-damaged equipment is found to have been improperly installed. It is vital to make sure all water systems are correctly installed and meet safety standards to avoid water damage and potential water damage claim rejections.

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