Public adjuster helping a homeowner with a claim in Pembroke Pines.

The Impacts of Mold Damage in Pembroke Pines on Your Property Value

In South Florida, the real estate market is strong, with prices increasing 12.5% in the last year. Experts are citing how low inventories and demand from people moving to the area from other parts are contributing to these increases. The effects are the real estate market is doing well, and sellers can increase the asking price.


However, the hot markets also mean that properties are coming on that might have issues such as mold damage. Mold is challenging to identify, and you should understand that an inspection is required before selling the property.


Eradicating mold damage in Pembroke Pines is the key to protecting the property’s value and making the environment safe for everyone. Not dealing with the mold will harm your ability to sell residential and commercial properties. You should fix the problem before things become worse and the mold negatively impacts your property value.


The Cleanup Costs


Anytime you see mold in your property, you want to call in a professional to assess the damage immediately.


Typically, the cleanup and remediation costs range from $2,500 to $6,000, depending on the size of the job.


These figures seem expensive, but the long-term benefits are protecting the value of your home or commercial property. Any physical asset requires maintenance to ensure you are protecting against the elements, wear, and tear. Addressing mold damage in Pembroke Pines is no different, and what you are spending will give you greater rewards in the future.


Your homeowners’ insurance can help defray the costs when the damage for the mold is from water, such as a burst pipe or a leaky air conditioner. The water should be the primary cause of mold growing in the property to qualify for a claim.


Southeast Public Adjusters can help you with issues such as mold and the effects on your property. We are independent Florida public adjusters and work for you to ensure the insurance company follows the contractual obligations. The moment you see mold, call us, and we will come to assess the situation. We can look at your policy, collect evidence, and help with processing the claim to reduce the cleanup costs for you.


The Failure to Act


The inability to address the mold in the property will only make things worse over the long-term. Mold quietly grows in areas hidden in the walls and will multiply if you don’t act quickly and decisively.


Sometimes, the mold is so prevalent that the property cannot be sold and is condemned by local health and safety inspectors.


Situations like this produce no tangible benefits for you as a property owner, and you are ignoring a significant problem.


Your property is similar to a vehicle; the more you ignore the obvious problems, the worse things will become. One day, the damage is so widespread that you can no longer use the property, and all the equity is gone.


Southeast Public Adjusters is on your side, as we know how mold can quickly grow in the hot and humid conditions of South Florida. The best things you can do are act by reaching out to us and let us help you to find ways to deal with the unwanted mold. We will look over your insurance policy, the damage and help you find a positive way forward. The longer you wait, the more the mold will grow and the worse the problem becomes.




Another challenge with mold is that Florida law requires you to disclose that mold was in the property before a sale.


Even when the problem is eradicated, you will more than likely see lower offers from these disclosures.


Your property insurance can protect the value by offering compensation for the loss from the damage. The most critical thing is to know what the policy says by looking at how everything is written to determine if you qualify for compensation.


Southeast Public Adjusters can help with our trained experts that look at your policy and we assist in filing a claim. We know the insurance industry and will ensure that you get what you are owed from the insurance company.

Mold damage in Pembroke Pines can adversely impact the value of your property, and you should address these issues right away. Call Southeast Public Adjusters today at 888-811-5439 and put our trained experts to work for you. We are minutes away from Interstate 75, near the Pembroke Fall Recreation Center in Pembroke Pines.