Palm tree bending in a hurricane

Top 5 Things To Know About Hurricane Insurance Claims

When your property has suffered damage due to a hurricane, it can be devastating to deal with the effects. You may not know where to start when a mess has been left behind or how to get started in restoring the condition of your home. It\’s important to follow a few main tips when filing a hurricane property claim to ensure you can begin to repair the damage after you\’ve obtained the right coverage.

1. Flooding Isn\’t Covered

Many people assume that if their house flooded during a hurricane that it\’s covered by their insurance policy. Unfortunately, water that rises up and enters your home isn\’t covered by homeowner\’s insurance, which is why it may be necessary to also obtain flood insurance. However, water damage due to rain is covered and will allow you to begin restoring the damaged materials and features on the property after your claim is approved.

2. There are Rules for Fallen Trees

If a hurricane causes a tree to fall onto your home, there are rules in place that determine if the damage is covered by your insurance policy when you file an insurance hurricane property claim. If a tree that is present on your property causes damage to one of your neighbor\’s homes, it requires the neighbor to file a claim with your insurance. If any of the trees fall but don\’t cause any damage, you can receive an average of $500 to $1,000 from the insurance company to cover the costs of hiring a company to clean up the debris.

3. Living Expenses May Be Covered

Contact an insurance company to determine if living expenses are covered when you file a hurricane insurance claim to ensure you can find a place to stay. Many insurance companies cover the cost of a hotel, food, and utilities if you have to temporarily find another place to live due to the damage that has occurred on your property. This can reduce your out-of-pocket costs when there\’s a major storm.

4. You Can Receive Credit for Your Belongings

If your personal belongings are damaged due to a hurricane that passes through, you can receive credit from your insurance company to cover the cost of replacing the items. This requires taking a home inventory of your possessions to make it easier to determine what is damaged when you file a hurricane property claim with a company like Southeast Public Adjusters. Take photos of the items and keep your receipts to ensure you have thorough records of the cost and value of your possessions.

5. Utilize In-Person Support

Take advantage of in-person support that is available through state insurance departments to ensure your questions are answered. Mobile claim units are also available to assist you in processing an insurance hurricane property claim and helping you fill out the documents correctly.

There are many facts to learn about filing a hurricane insurance claim to ensure you can restore the condition of your property. Contact us at Southeast Public Adjusters today to learn more about our insurance policies to ensure you have the coverage you need if a hurricane occurs.