What’s a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a licensed claims expert (adjuster) who represents you the policy holder in matters related to property insurance claims as a result of fire, lightning, water, wind, hurricane, mold, theft, vandalism to name a few.

Southeast Public Adjusters of South Florida are licensed professional loss consultants. We specialize in representing you, the policy holder, in matters related to insurance claims. Our staff is experienced in adjusting claims on residential, condominium and commercial property. Our knowledge and skills have been accumulated from over 24 years of working for insurance companies, as well as, representing the policy holder.

Our staff of public adjusters is comprised of former insurance industry representatives. We understand how your insurance company tries to cut their claim costs. Our goal is to settle your claim with the greatest advantage to you, the policy holder. Our knowledge and experience will enable us to allow you your maximum benefits.

After a disaster it is assumed your only choice is to accept the settlement presented by your insurance company. This is not true! You do have choices. Southeast Public Adjusters assures you of the best legal settlement possible! We will not accept any settlement or adjustment without your approval and consent enabling you to focus on your daily life with very little interruption.

Interested in having someone on your side to help you adjust your property damage claim?

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